Minimalism… everywhere, nowhere…

I’m going on with my “minimalist research”. The more I continue, the more I realize how difficult it is to label an item as minimalist. You can not draw a clear break-line between what really minimalism is and what it is not. Unless the artist or the designer affirm that this item is minimal.

So? So, as I probably said in one of my first post, minimalism is everything and nothing at the same time. We can see it everywhere but also nowhere, and even if you belive that you found it,  it is difficult that you have catched its original meaning.

Then we can go only for exclusion. Surely we can distinguish “maximalist” or hyper-decorated objects, but when we look at all other items that have left, it is not easy to say with certainty: “this is undoubtedly a minimalist object.” This is why minimalism is confused with the simplicity, the linearity, essentiality. Sometimes it borders on the trivial, others the sublime. Minimalism probably contains all these things but at the same time is none of them.


~ by discoveringdesign on 02 Dec 08.

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