Moroso: sometimes minimalist

As I told in the previous post, it is impossible to find a designer purely minimalist. And of course, it’s even more difficult to find a design company which involves in its production only minimal items. So what I’m trying to do now, it’s to root out this objects.

The first (very beautiful) items that i found is these seating elements called “Shanghai Tip” designed in 2006 by Patricia Urquiola and produced by Moroso.



Moroso is one of the most important and influential design company of the world: they have showrooms in the more fashionable and avant-garded cities like Milan, London, Amsterdam. New York and many others. As you can check up in their site, they have been operating since 1952 and they have always been in contact with great designer. Moroso is particularly interested in the design of sofas and accessorises for the home living.

The designer of this “Shanghai Tip”, Patricia Urquiola, was born in Sapin but studied Architecture in Italy, where she still working as a designer. She collaborated with a lot ok “guru” of Italian and Milanise design such as Achille Castiglioni, Bruno Munari and since 1998 she’s been working for Moroso.

This Shanghai Tip seems to be minimal. I can’t know if the designer created it with the intention of “making something minimal”. Objectively, lines and shapes are simple an linear, basic colors too. But, as I’m discovering, pure minimalism doesn’t seem to be sufficient. This is why, in opposition to these lines and neutral colors, the sofa is presented equipped by colorful cushions and bright low tables. This contrast enrich the whole.


~ by discoveringdesign on 03 Dec 08.

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