At last I managed to find something in Milan which call itself “minimal”. Actually it is not a designer but a company: MUJI. These stores are a brand owned by a Japanese company and there are two of them in Milan (one in Corso Buenos Aires and the other one in Via Torino). 

As you can chek in their web site ( “the company’s basic principle is to develop new simple product at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues.” What they sell includes living, household, stationery items and accessorizes.  MUJI target is to create “no brand quality goods”, and that’s because they believe that the item’s importance doesn’t depend on the popularity and ability of its designer. Unimpeachable philosophy! The majority of the objects they sell can absolutely defined “minimal” and at the same time they look sophisticated. Simplicity in the product but also essentiality in the stores’ structure.

I absolutely love it! But, more than my opinion, what really matters is the fact that MUJI is increasingly becoming popular, in Milan and all over the world (in New York a MUJI store in iside the MOMA!).  Probly minimalism, an accesible one, is conquering us!



~ by discoveringdesign on 05 Dec 08.

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