Probably many of you reading the post about Muji thought to another and far more famous brand of home furniture and objects… IKEA.
I thought several times to enter a post about IKEA and its products, but it is so a large phenomenon that I didn’t know how to approach it. Perhaps this is the right time.

IKEA, Nordic design, a multitude of objects and furniture proposed. Are those proposed items minimalist? This is difficult to say …

Certainly a perfect adjective for IKEA is “functional”. Functional furniture, functional  idea of selling them dismantled and let the buyer assemble them at home. Functional, in terms of marketing, are also the almost mandatory ways that the customer has to do to reach the exit … How many of us left IKEA  empty-handed?! If we don’t like the furniture, we buy at least some scented candles! (or maybe it is typically Italian…). Functionality and reasonable prices… in fact, the slogan of IKEA is “affordable solutions for better living.”

But I am not sure that we can call it “minimalist”…



~ by discoveringdesign on 10 Dec 08.

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