IKEA Part 2

… The question of the previous post was: “can we define IKEA minimalist”?

I don’t think so. As I said, IKEA is certainly functional: it uses simple lines and shapes,  it doesn’t likeexcessive decorations. But, is this enough for define something as “minimalist”? During this brief discovery of minimalism, I’ve made up my opinion and I think it is not.

The objects offered by IKEA, but also from many other companies involved in furniture and home design, are not minimalist. They are functional, and that’s all. The simple lines  are designed to make furniture and accessories not complex and easy to be assembled. They’re not made for aesthetics. Decorations are missing  because it is typical Nordic style, but also because in this way the items are suitable for any home and setting. They’re in a sense anonymous. Or better: it is very easy to recognize almost immediately an object designed by IKEA, but it is just because of its adaptability and banality.

Instead, in my modest opinion, is “minimalist” something which is essential but refined, not trivial or obvious. Of curse functional, but a minimalist object or piece of forniture stands out for its elegant simplicity.



~ by discoveringdesign on 14 Dec 08.

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