Spazio Fitzcarraldo

At last we return watching something more concrete. I found after some researches some interesting places in Milan who have some touch of minimalism.
Both are two bars in very fashionable areas of Milan: the Navigli area and Porta Romana, both near the Bocconi University 😉


The first one I would like to talk to you about is “Spazio Fitzcarraldo”, a wine-lounge bar designed by the architect Giovanni Musica. The bar stands where once there was an old Turkish bath: the architect has kept the major stylistic traits of this ancient style decorating the space with small waterfalls, water walls, columns.

Spazio Fitzcarraldo is 1400 square meters, and it contains not only a bar, but also rooms for art exhibitions, a “flowers corner” and they’re making up a new library which will contain volumes about art, photography and design. Moreover, all the pieces of furniture it contains can be purchased.

Viewed as a whole, this space is not purely minimalist: it combines elegant decorations, old forms, rough materials with modern ones and ethnic figures. In the midst of all there is space for several touches of minimalism who manage to combine amongst themselves the ancient and the modern-ethnic styles.

Also the Spazio Fitzcarraldo logo shows this game between ancient decorations and modern minimalism. “Space” is written with a typefacer similar to Times New Roman,  “Fitzcarraldo” in a modern and essential one.

In short, a place to visit not only for his being a fashion and multifunctional, but also to enjoythis the beautiful harmony created between past and future, minimal and decorate style. A conflict that isn’t striking but exalts the place.

57064 spazio_fitzcarraldo


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